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03/30/11 08:50 PM #9    


Melinda Currin (Brooks)

Memorials were sent to Granville County Museum for

Wilma Pruitt        Carrie Pruitt Younger (Stepmother)

Garland Lee Newcomb         Lee was a member of our class when we 

                                              started at Webb.



04/26/11 09:05 PM #10    


Melinda Currin (Brooks)

A Memorial was went to Granville County Museum in Memory of Margaret R. Blackwell - Mother of Bennie R. Blackwell.

06/29/11 08:35 PM #11    


Melinda Currin (Brooks)

Memorials were sent  to Granville County Historical Society for:

Larry Allen                      Husband of Dana Dixon Allen

Dorothy Currin                Mother of Wayne Currin

Dr. James Pruitt              Father of Carrie Pruitt Younger

07/11/11 09:19 PM #12    


Melinda Currin (Brooks)

Memorials were sent to Granville County Museum in Memory of

Walter E. Carter             Father of Marvel Baker

Marion A. Haskins            Mother of Brant Haskins



08/16/11 10:06 PM #13    


Melinda Currin (Brooks)

A memorial was sent to the Granville County Historical Society in Memory of Earl Lee Riley.  He was Darlene Currin's husband.

10/12/11 10:01 AM #14    


Melinda Currin (Brooks)


A Memorial was sent to the Granville County Historical Society in Memory of Anita Currin Woodlief.  10/10/11

11/16/11 08:11 PM #15    


Melinda Currin (Brooks)

A donation has been made to Granville County Museum in memory of Frances T. Puckett.  Wayne Puckett's mother.

10/19/14 01:49 PM #16    

Dal Mackie

GKudos to the planning committee for all the work they did in planning for our 45th Reunion. It is always great to see everyone and catch up. I certainly hope to see everyone in 5 years hence. Thanks!

10/23/14 09:54 PM #17    


Henry Lee Wheeler, Jr.

Janet and I had a great time and would like to thank the committee and all who helped to make it happen. I know a lot of classes who have not had a single reunion sense they graduated because its a lot of work and no one wanted to carry the ball ,  so a personal thank you and I know from talking to the group that it is much appreciated.

05/19/16 08:13 PM #18    

Kathy Boyd

RIP William. You will be forever missed by the Class of '69. As our motto went "None so fine as '69", and you were one of the finest!!!!

05/20/16 10:33 AM #19    

Bryant Haskins

It couldn't be said better. Thanks Kathy.


05/20/16 10:54 AM #20    

Patricia Critcher (Hayes)

Thank you Kathy & Bryant, for speaking if thr finest. He will be greatly missed. My many prayers & thoughts are with all the family! Patricia C. Hayes.

05/20/16 12:25 PM #21    

June Watson (Wood)

Yes, William will definitely be missed.  I was fortunate to have seen him earlier that day, we hugged and chatted a bit.  He was truly an over achiever and loving father.  I had no idea how many "irons" he had in the fire.  What a great person.  God Bless.

05/20/16 02:17 PM #22    

Joe Haskins

William had let me know Thursday about Bill Willis' death. He was always caring of others. May God Bless the Adcock family during this very sad time.

05/20/16 04:58 PM #23    


Melinda Currin (Brooks)

We will  definitely miss William!  Would the class like to give more of a donation to the museum in William's memory instead of the usual $25.00?  Please let me know.  

05/20/16 08:52 PM #24    

Cecil Peebles

A man of great integrity.  As evidenced by the huge number of people at his funeral, many celebrated his life and just how much he meant to the people of Oxford and surrounding area.

05/21/16 08:47 AM #25    

Michael Currin

I was thinking about what Melinda ask. I think we should send the contribution just like for other class mates and family.  I would like to suggest that we form a committee of interested parties who would look into possibly establishing a way that Williams contributions to the community might be recognized in an ongoing way each year.  This could be through the Chamber or Education Foundation or maybe board of Realtors?   Some recognition in his name for either young people or people who are contributing the way he has done.  We could act as a resource to get it set up and solicit contributions from classmates and the community.  This way funds from the class will be used equitably now and in the future so no one is slighted.  What ever organization is chosen would be the ones to Axminster and present the award each year.   We would just need to raise enough money to sustain it.   Would not take a lot as it would just need to pay for the plaque being presented.  Money could be put with the Granville County Community Foundation and they could even administer it and present the award possibly like they do some others. Just something to think about.  

05/21/16 01:15 PM #26    

Marvel Carter (Baker)

William was the heartbeat of our class.  HEAVEN  just gained a much beloved and brilliant New star.

Much love to Beth and his family.





05/22/16 09:27 PM #27    

Bryant Haskins

I agree with Michael and think he's on to something. I recommend that we explore further. 

06/09/16 10:05 PM #28    

Jane Claiborne (Lloyd)

I agree with Michael.  Williams was the heartbeat of our class and he always kept everything in line with good results.  I personally am at a loss for words but know that I want to be a part of something that Williams will be remembered as our class remembers all he done for us. 

Jane Cliborne Lloyd


06/10/16 03:29 PM #29    

Dal Mackie

I am so sorry that I missed William's service but we were out of the country when the word came. I'll support any type of memorial for William that the committee decides.  He will be greatly missed in the community and among his classmates.

06/17/16 10:29 AM #30    


Melinda Currin (Brooks)

Today I sending in the Memorial for William Adcock to the Museum. It will be the normal amount.  If you would like to give more to the Granville County Museum the address is P.O. Box 1433 Oxford, NC 27565. Or to the Oxford Baptist Church, Youth Ministry P.O. Box 398, Oxford, NC 27565.

06/30/16 08:52 PM #31    

Kathy Boyd

We lost another classmate on June 28th. Wilma Murray passed away, and the funeral will be tomorrow, July 1st. Please keep her family in your prayers.

09/22/16 10:32 AM #32    

Kathy Boyd

So saddened by the loss of Mary Ann. She was such an outgoing person in high school. I'll never forget our trip to the beach after graduation!!!! That's the way I'll always remember her!!!

08/11/18 04:48 PM #33    

Bill Mitchell

Message to Peggy and family about the death of Mother Dale.  Ruby Dale told me at Church.  Sorry it has taken so

long to contact you.  Best wishes to you and Carl and the family.

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